About Us


Allen-Martin Conservation Ltd started operating in 1984 designing, manufacturing and installing a range of “stand alone” electronic sensors and controls and an integrated Energy Management System. Allen-Martin has remained at the forefront of development of automatic systems, its development of a user-friendly computer graphic system has been the market leader for many years.
In 1984, Allen Martin launched the award-winning ACM energy management system. ACM was a world first, combining small distributed outstations with a communications network for monitoring and controlling building services, and a PC supervisor with dynamic colour graphics. ACM quickly established a reputation for its sophisticated control capabilities, reliable design and low cost. The scope and capabilities of the ACM system were extended in the 1990s with ACM-X, which notably added an I²C field bus and modular IO for flexible and inexpensive plant room control. Today, Allen Martin’s ecosystem product family is backwardly compatible with ACM and ACM-X systems, demonstrating the company’s continuing commitment to eliminating unnecessary hardware wastage, while reducing lifetime operating costs.

The Company

Products are designed in-house at our head office and include both “hardware” (for example new electronic components) and “software” (computer programs to help control energy use in buildings). A help desk facility is available and our Internet site provides the latest information on our products and services. Assembly and testing, including EMC compliance of prototypes and finished products is carried out in our factory. Complete turnkey contracts are co-ordinated in-house. After-sales support is provided via a comprehensive range of dynamic training courses in our purpose built suite.

Over 4000 Energy Management Systems are now in operation throughout the British Isles. Customers for the stand-alone range of products are too numerous to count. Our energy management systems are installed in buildings of all sizes, from elderly person’s homes to schools, offices and factories.
All our products are manufactured in the UK, using local suppliers wherever possible, resulting in products with the lowest possible carbon footprint before they leave the factory.

Schemes include:

  • Conventional Heating Systems
  • Compensation
  • Optimisation
  • DDC Control
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Radiant Heating
  • Boiler Sequencing
  • Lighting
  • Solar Heating
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Compressed Air
  • Building Performance Data
  • Alarm Reporting
  • Meter Reading
  • Statistical Data Collection