Energy Conservation

The Theory

ConsumptionAllen Martin Conservation Ltd started operating in 1984, designing a sophisticated energy management system to enable clients to make substantial cost savings on their energy usage.

The heating / cooling is switched on as late as possible so as to achieve the desired internal temperature by the time the building is occupied.   The heating / cooling will be switched off as early as possible, before the end of occupancy, without affecting the internal temperature. Other building services plant and process equipment can be controlled in a similar way.

The system is constantly monitoring a whole range of building parameters, including internal temperatures, outside air temperature, boiler flow temperature and humidity and will rapidly self learn and adapt to changes, maintaining the desired internal conditions.

All thermostats are replaced with very accurate, tamperproof sensors and adjustments are made from local displays or an easy-to-use, web based dynamic graphics package.   Building occupancy, including holidays can be programmed in advance and any changes of use can easily be made at any time.

A range of fault conditions are monitored by the system and errors such as boiler or pump failure are instantly reported by email, fax, SMS text message or simply by activating a buzzer to highlight a potential problem.

The Technology

Allen Martin Conservation Ltd has continually developed and enhanced its products to remain at the forefront of energy management technology.   Today our products incorporate state of the art technology; including the universally accepted tcp/ip (Internet Protocol), enabling the user to communicate with their energy management system from anywhere in the world with internet access.

energy-controllers Each system has a Central Controller, which acts as the ‘Brain’ of the system. It collects information from around the site and decides what it needs to do to meet the requirements set by the customer.The system is hardwired to each piece of plant and controls them accordingly. This means that the whole buildings heating system is automated and is optimized by our system.The system knows if it can turn off early and the temperature in the building will be maintained. It also knows if it needs to turn on early (and how early) in order to get the room temperature up for the required time.
Energy Graphics Our self-developed graphical user interface software adds to the flexibility of the Allen Martin Energy Management System. Tailor-made for each individual site, the intuitive graphics software presents the user with a representation of their site, which they can then navigate and view live information.
Using this software, the user is in complete control of their system. Temperatures can be set, and control times can be scheduled. The software will also alert the user of any alarms on the site, such as boiler lockouts or pump trips.

The Savings

Communication with the system can be by local area network and even over the internet.Alarms are automatically displayed and can be emailed to maintenance staff for a swift repsonse.

Energy X-NetData Logs can be set up to monitor readings such as temperatures, humidity, and so on. The system can then produce data that can be imported into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Energy usage data can be displayed on our unique Ecoview screen. Ecoview can be displayed in multiple locations at once throughout a building; from a desktop PC to a very large screen mounted in reception so that all building occupants can be aware of their effect on the environment. Ecoview is a standard feature of the EcoHub energy management controller.

To the end user the concept of energy management is simple; maintain comfortable conditions within the building and reduce energy bills. In addition to these core principles an Allen Martin system can offer many other savings.

Pumps and fans can be set to automatically changed over to provide equal running time and should the operating pump fail the standby pump will automatically start and an alarm would be sent to the required person. Boilers can be sequenced and rotated to meet the pre-determined heating requirements. If a boiler were to lock-out an alarm would be sent to maintenance personnel, possibly before the occupants of the building realised there was a problem.

Over 4000 customers have benefited from having an Allen Martin energy management system, each of them making substantial savings.