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A compact, powerful input/output module

Eco IO Mini is a notable addition to the Allen Martin Eco range of products, offering greater flexibility and choice to our comprehensive range of energy saving devices.
Eco IO Mini is a compact, yet powerful input/output module comprising 4 universal inputs and 4 universal outputs that are configured in software, plus 4 dedicated digital inputs. Eco IO Mini is DIN rail mounted and has pluggable connectors for ease of installation.

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The Eco IO Mini module offers 4 universal outputs each capable of acting as a 0 to 10V analogue or digital output, 4 dedicated digital inputs (volt free) and 4 universal inputs each configurable as digital, 0 to 10V, 0 to 5V or as a 10K3A1 thermistor input.
Eco IO Mini is easily configured over a standard TCP/IP network port. The network communication is secured with AES-256 encryption for peace of mind. Eco IO Mini communicates with Eco Plus, Eco Hub or Eco Hub2 via an I²C link or the local area network.
Eco IO Mini retains compatibility with the ACM-X IO cards when running in compatibility mode. The compatibility mode allows you to configure the Eco IO Mini as multiple ACM-X IO cards, allowing the unit to be used as a drop in replacement for ACM-X IO cards in existing Eco Hub installations.
Eco IO Mini has the same high standard of noise immunity as all products in the Eco range. The Universal Inputs are electrically isolated from the Digital Inputs and both sets of inputs are isolated from the Universal Outputs.