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Automatic Meter Reading

Eco Meter Reader is a dedicated meter reading outstation capable of performing pulsed counting routines and hours-run.

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Eco Meter Reader has four count inputs (C1 to C4) that will accept pulsed 0-5V signals from any volt free changeover contact, making it suitable for use with clamp-on optical meters or integrated electronic meters. In addition a further four auxiliary inputs (A1 to A4) are provided as digital inputs to monitor alarm conditions or to reset the sub totals of the count inputs at pre determined times. Any unused count inputs can be used as digital inputs if required.
Eco Meter Reader includes Ni MH rechargeable battery technology to maintain the count in the event of a power supply failure.
Eco Meter Reader can be connected to energy management controllers in the Eco System range; Eco Plus and Eco Hub2. In line with our policy of backward compatibility it can also be connected to all previous versions of our energy management controllers.