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The Future of Building Energy Management Systems.

Using the very latest software techniques and state of the art electronic components we have developed Eco Plus, a powerful Building Energy Management System (BEMS) designed to give you total control of your building with the click of a mouse, and access to the sharpest XAML based, scalable vector graphics.
Eco Plus is designed to maximise your energy savings and to make sure you continue to benefit from this we have created an easy to use user interface. Navigation is simple, allowing you to control and monitor your energy consumption helping you reduce your energy costs.

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Eco Plus is a powerful Building Energy Management System (BEMS) designed to give you total control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plant in buildings with the click of a mouse, or via a touch screen user interface giving access to sharp, dynamic pictures that can be resized live, remaining in proportion, whatever screen size they are viewed on. The easy system navigation makes it simple to monitor and control your building energy consumption, helping reduce your energy costs.
Eco Plus is part of a modular system. Add additional IO and/or controllers to suit any size of building. No proprietary communication cabling required as devices can use the building’s ethernet network. An Eco Plus can share any of its values, including those from local IO modules, for example sensor readings, with any other Eco Plus or Eco Hub2 on the same local area network. This can lead to cost savings by reducing the number of sensors required and the associated installation costs.
Eco Plus is easily configured over a standard TCP/IP network port and communicates with Eco IO modules via an I²C link or the local area network. Eco Plus can also be connected to the complete range (all generations) of Allen Martin distributed outstations, including Meter Reading units.
Eco Plus also sets a new standard in noise immunity. The inputs are divided into banks of 8 and each bank of 8 is electrically isolated. This isolation is particularly useful for temperature measurements as all the thermistors can be placed onto one bank of 8 inputs meaning they don’t need grounding, preventing interference from affecting values.