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Manage your Green Credentials with Real Time Energy Monitoring

Eco View is a way of making everyone in the building aware of their impact on the environment. When displayed in a prominent position in the building Eco View enables everyone to see live energy usage, encouraging them to modify their behaviour, helping to meet corporate energy targets.
Live and historical utility meter readings can be displayed in both text and graphical format. No software needs to be installed as the information is viewed and displayed in a standard web browser. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption can be displayed along with live calculations showing carbon footprint data and amount of CO2 produced.
Targets for energy consumption can be set and monitored with ease by using the various ‘widgets’ available. Videos, slide shows or pictures can also be included on the same display, for example setting out the corporate energy policy or delivering an advertisement.


Ecoview Product image
Eco View is designed to be versatile. It can be displayed in multiple locations at once throughout a building; from a desktop PC or windows tablet to a very large screen mounted in reception so that all building occupants can be aware of their effect on the environment.
Eco View utilises clear and colourful graphic ‘widget’ visuals, so it’s easy for everyone to understand. A ‘rev counter’ style widget may be used to monitor gas or electricity consumption targets, which can be colour coded with a green background when on target and orange and red when approaching or passing targets. A chart widget may be used to display consumption from renewable energy sources and the resultant reduction this has on carbon emissions.

Ecoview Product image
The layout and composition of Eco View can be tailored to help target specific audiences. Video, slide shows or pictures can be included on the same display, making it a really effective educational tool for learning environments such as schools to help promote the importance of Carbon Reduction.
Eco View can help to influence people who would otherwise ignore the fact that we all need to do our bit to save energy. The effect of switching off equipment or lights for example can immediately be seen on Eco View showing people that they really can reduce their carbon footprint.