Other Products

ACM-X System

In 1984, Allen Martin launched the award-winning ACM energy management system. ACM was a world first, combining small distributed outstations with a communications network for monitoring and controlling building services, and a PC supervisor with dynamic colour graphics. ACM quickly established a reputation for its sophisticated control capabilities, reliable design and low cost. The scope and capabilities of the ACM system were extended in the 1990s with ACM-X, which notably added an I²C field bus and modular IO for flexible and inexpensive plantroom control. Today, Allen Martin’s ECOsystem® product family is backwardly compatible with ACM and ACM-X systems, demonstrating the company’s continuing commitment to eliminating unnecessary hardware wastage, while reducing lifetime operating costs.


Odyssey System

Designed for use in small non-residential buildings, Odyssey combines the power and configurability of an energy management system with the simplicity and economy of conventional discrete controls. A key feature of Odyssey is the inclusion of 12 plant control schemes that cover the most popular HVAC configurations, each preprogrammed with default set-points and timetable settings. The Odyssey keypad and display unit can be used as a local interface and/or the Odyssey controller can be connected to an on-site or remote PC supervisor.


ACM System

The ACM System is a range of outstations and sensors that are fully compatible with all Allen Martin energy management systems from the very first central processing units in 1984 to the latest Eco System range of today. The outstations are small multi I/O control points designed for situations where sensors or plant are a long way from the system central controller. Installation is simple with communication to the central controller via two core un-screened data cable.

At Allen Martin we have always maintained a policy of backward compatibility, so that as a customer you will have the cheapest possible upgrade path, benefiting from the latest innovations without having to change the complete system.

Our products have all been designed so that the ‘field equipment’ such as out stations and sensors need not be changed when a system is upgraded. This not only saves on the cost of the hardware but could also save a significant amount on electrical installation. Simply by changing any of our central controllers will give you all of the benefits of our state of the art Eco System.


Energy-saving Sensors and Controls

The Allen Martin range of stand alone sensors and controls are designed to improve performance and reduce energy wastage in buildings. These inexpensive products can yield substantial energy savings.


Our Systems aren’t just aimed specifically at buildings; they can be used in almost any application. Systems have been known to be installed at quarries, on bridges, and other ‘non-conventional’ sites. Whatever the solution you require, we will be happy to perform a free site survey.